Dallas Cowboys and Mitsubishi win crown for world's largest HD display


But Mitsubishi Electric has its sights on much bigger numbers. The company's Diamond Vision HD display boards at Cowboys Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, are the largest case in point.

With two screens measuring 72 feet high by 160 feet wide, and two more measuring 29 feet high by 51 feet wide, the four-sided screen is now recognised as the largest HD displays in the world.

Weighing 600 tonnes, the screens are suspended 90 feet directly over the centre of the playing surface and stretch from nearly one 20-yard line to the other (if you know what that means).

With a total viewing area of 11,393 square-feet, the Diamond Vision display is equal to 3,268 52in televisions, and has 10,584,064 LED lights. Eco-friendly, it ain't.

"We're extremely proud of our world-class Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision screen,” said Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones.

“We have designed everything about Cowboys Stadium to provide an unequalled experience for our fans, and this screen is the centerpiece of what we have created for them,” he continued.

Surely if you're at the game, you should be watching the pitch? But hey, what do we know... other than those are massive, massive, massive screens.