Cyrus' new "intelligent" power supply promises sound upgrade to all XR series products

Cyrus' new "intelligent" power supply promises sound upgrade to all XR series products
(Image credit: Cyrus Audio)

Could you improve your hi-fi products' sound quality just by tweaking their power input? Cyrus Audio claims so, and it's launching a new device that does just that.

The PSU-XR is the most intelligent power supply that Cyrus Audio has ever made. Using its built-in microprocessor, it can 'talk' to the device to which it's connected, sussing out its exact needs and tweaking its configuration of power sources accordingly. This optimisation makes for better sound quality from the partner device, according to Cyrus Audio.

You can't use it with just any hi-fi device though. It's only compatible with Cyrus' XR range, but the best part is it will work with future devices in the line-up too – like the upcoming Blu-OS XR streamer – thanks to a software update. And it will visually match the XR series too, as the unit is encased in Cyrus' trademark half-width chassis design.

The PSU-XR's output voltages are digitally controlled, reducing noise. Cyrus claims some big gains over its PSX-R2 power supply – the new model is apparently 60 per cent more powerful, and 50 per cent more efficient.

The Cyrus PSU-XR is available now, and costs £2395 / $2850 (about AU$4200).


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