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Crystal Acoustics launches BluDAC Bluetooth receiver and DAC for £60

Now this looks like a bit of a bargain, on paper at least. The Crystal Acoustics BluDAC combines a Bluetooth receiver and digital-to-analogue converter in a compact box for £60 – undercutting Arcam's rBlink by £100.

Plug it into your existing hi-fi and you can stream music from your smartphone or tablet via aptX Bluetooth to your main audio system. Connection is made using either stereo analogue or optical digital cables.

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Inside the compact casework (7.5x6.5x2cm) is a high-quality Wolfson DAC. The BluDAC can remember up to eight paired devices, and has a maximum range of 10 metres. It goes on sale this month for £60 and is sold directly from the Crystal Acoustics website.

By Andy Clough

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