Clearer Audio makes its Copper-line mains block more affordable with new Alpha ONE version

New from Clearer Audio is its latest mains distribution product, the (deep breath) Copper-line Alpha ONE Power-HUB.

Selling at prices starting from £40, depending on the length of the inlet cable, the six-way block draws on the design, materials and construction of the original Alpha Power-HUB, with the company saying further research and development has resulted in 'exceptional specification for the cost.'

The same circuitry module used in the original Alpha Power-HUB is used in the new ONE model.

This comprises the company's Hyperion Filter System to remove mains-borne noise; Gatekeeper Surge Protection on the live-neutral, live-neutral and neutral-earth lines (with a double-redundant design for full protection); and the Earth-View System to monitor earth integrity for safety.

Three LEDs are used to indicate each system is operating correctly.

Also used is a new high-purity copper-alloy busbar design to link up the six sockets, with each busbar being of one piece with the socket contacts integrated to avoid additional joints.

The inlet cable is the company's new Alpha ONE Power Cable.

The £40 price is for the six-way block with a 1m inlet cable.

The Power-HUB is hand-built in Clearer-Audio's own workshops, from building the inlet cable to hand-soldering on the filter module.

It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, limited lifetime warranty and free UK mainland delivery,

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