Cinemas to show World Cup matches in 3D

You may not be able to watch the 3D World Cup broadcasts on your 3D TV (Sky doesn't have the rights), but from July 2nd you will be able to watch the matches in 3D at selected cinemas around the UK and Ireland.

SuperVision Media has signed a deal with the Vue, Odeon, Cineworld and Empire chains to screen live 3D coverage of the World Cup, starting from the quarter-finals.

Participating cinemas will be in cities including London, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. We'll bring you details of the exact venues as soon as we get them.

Ticket prices are likely to be between £12 and £15, similar to the cost of watching a 3D film such as Avatar.

Daniel Webber, managing director of SuperVision Media, says: "If you aren't lucky enough to be going to South Africa, this will be the next best experience you can have.

"The quality of the production is going to be outstanding and we are delighted to be working with the likes of Arqiva and Sony to make this possible."

Sony is filming 25 World Cup games in 3D under a deal with FIFA, including the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.

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