The 851N network music player now sits at the top of the Cambridge Audio Azur 851 range and offers a "no compromise" machine for digital music.

It features a new design, high-res audio support, upsampling of all sources to 24-bit/384kHz, AirPlay, UPnP streaming and more.

The new, all-metal chassis incorporates a 4.3in colour screen and can be controlled by new Cambridge Connect apps for Android and iOS devices.

Connect to your home network for UPnP streaming or wirelessly stream using AirPlay from Apple smartphones and tablets, and iTunes. Bluetooth is an optional extra via a dongle.

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Three USB inputs can connect to HDDs or USB sticks, while two optical, two coaxial and an asynchronous USB input make this a well-connected machine. Analogue and digital output offerings are thorough.

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Popular codecs are supported right up to 24-bit/192kHz (and can be streamed over wi-fi), while Spotify Connect, iPlayer Radio and internet radio are all built-in to the 851N.

Twin Analog Devices AD1955 DACs run in 'dual differential' mode processing left and right channels separately, while high-grade components and digital signal processing ensure the purest signal path.

The Cambridge Audio Azur 851N flagship network music player is due to hit the shelves in Q1 2015.

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That's a beautiful product.

Nice design and impressive specifications.'s picture

MQA + TIDAL should be given to this masterpiece

This is a fantastic 21st century product. If only Cambridge Audio incorporates before launch into this allmost perfect unit an MQA decoder in order to recieve TIDAL's soon coming high res streaming service and to enjoy very high sound quality even from an MQA coded digital music file downloaded from a high res online store.

If CA does so I will be the first to buy one...

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Get In Line

The 851N is on back order already. I am in line and patiently waiting!! 

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851N _ Not a good product with very bad customer support

So, initially loved theis product!  Then it started to randomly increase to max volume what I describe as a large screeching sound.  Third time it did it, it blew out my $3,000 Martin Logan Speakers.  Still not fixed.  Worse, there is virtually no customer support.  You email them and some time goes by (weeks) before you hear from them.. You answer one question, more weeks go by, then they ask you to do something else...  So the problem started in early August.  it is now almost November.  No resolution.  Stay away from this product - for the money, it is a dud.  Cheers/Tom

Cambridge Audio's picture


Hi Tom (Drydens),

We're really sorry to hear of the problem that you've encountered with the 851N. It's not an issue that we've come across before so obviously want to rectify this as soon as possible for you. I've alerted the support team and reading through your correspondence with them, I can see that the player was purchased on Amazon in the US. They've updated your support ticket today as they need a bit more information from you so that they can help properly. Please could I ask that you login to your support ticket where my colleagues will be best placed to help you as quickly as possible.

Best regards,

Cambridge Audio