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Sony has made a handful of announcements around wireless music streaming at CES 2015 - including a new multi-room-enabling app, support for Google Cast for audio, and a new LDAC codec, which it claims to be much more efficient then a standard Bluetooth connection.

The Japanese manufacturer claims its new LDAC codec transmits data three times more efficiently than Bluetooth's standard encoding and compression system, although you will need a compatible speaker system and source - such as the recently announced NW-ZX2 Walkman. This means high-res audio files shouldn't suffer from as much compression or loss of sound quality.

There's also news of a new SongPal Link app (for Android and iOS) which brings multi-room functionality to compatible wireless speakers in Sony's current and future ranges. You'll be able to use the app to link up to 10 wireless speakers.

Google Cast for audio lets you beam music from one compatible device to selected soundbars, speakers and home cinema receivers at the press of a button. This includes individual tracks stored on the hard drive of a device, or music streamed through a service such as Spotify. Sony is one of the main launch partners, so expect to see this feature built into future products from the tech giant.

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Sir Joe's picture

Codec or System?

Hello, you say the LDAC is a Codec (like APTX ). This means, it is not an alternative to Bluetooth, but to other Codecs, and it still works using the BT connection. It is just a different BT Codec.

But then you say "transmits data three times more efficiently than Bluetooth".

So. What s LDAC? An alternative to Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth Profile?

A Bluetooth Codec?

Andy Madden's picture

Hi Joe,

Hi Joe,

apologies for any confusion. LDAC is a codec, like aptX. Both still use Bluetooth as the transmission medium so it's not an alternative. You will need both source and receiver to have LDAC encoding and decoding built-in respectively. Sony claims it's more efficient than the standard Bluetooth encoding/compression system (which is called SBC). You can also transmit LDAC over wifi. I hope that clears things up?

John Michaud's picture

Would this codec be universal

From the features of LDAC this is a very promising new codec for wireless lossless audio transfering. But if this codec is just within Sony products lines I don't think it will be universal like apt-X has done.