CES 2015: Creek Audio Evolution 100A amp and Epos K3 speakers revealed

British hi-fi specialist Creek will reveal the all-new Evolution 100A Class G integrated amplifier here in Las Vegas, along with its Ruby DAC (digital-to-analogue converter).

The amplifier has all the same upgrades as its smaller brother, the Evolution 50A, and uses the same sized chassis, but delivers 120W into 8Ohms and 170W into 4Ohms.

The plug-in upgrades available for the 100A model are an FM/AM tuner or a multi-input DAC with Bluetooth receiver and USB input. Both the Evolution 100A and Ruby DAC will be on demonstration during CES.

Sister company Epos will introduce the new K3 floorstanding passive loudspeaker.

The K3 is the largest floorstanding model within the K-Series range and "marks a further step forward in performance", it is claimed.

Also showing for the first time at CES 2015 is the Active-K option that allows the customer to upgrade their exisitng K-Series loudspeaker into a fully active digital solution.

The Active-K is being developed in conjunction with Creek Audio.

The New Evolution 100A integrated amplifier will be on sale in the UK for £1500, the New Ruby DAC for £400 and the Epos K3 floorstanding speakers for £1500. The Active-K solution’s price is yet to be set.

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Andy Clough

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