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Astell & Kern is breaking new ground at CES 2015 in Las Vegas with the launch of its first desktop audio product in the form of the AK500N – building on the success of its high-res portable players.

The AK500N is described as the "ultimate MQS (Mastering Quality Sound) network audio player", with features including one-click CD-ripping, DLNA-based networking capabilities and PCM to DSD conversion.

Two speeds – normal and fast – are available for the purpose of ripping your CDs, with files saved in either WAV or FLAC. Album art and music data are imported from Gracenote's latest database.

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Meanwhile, Astell & Kern says the AK500N is designed to use a built-in battery for noise isolation; blocking out the noise from its AC power supply. Music playback is a battery-only operation.

The dedicated DSD chipset converts high-res 32 bit/384 kHz WAV PCM and 24 bit/352 kHz FLAC PCM files to DSD64 data with no down-sampling. Real time PCM-to-DSD64 playback is available too.

And a range of inputs and outputs are supported, including coaxial, optical and BNC – as well as both fixed and variable analogue outputs. USB and ethernet ports also feature on the AK500N.

The AK500N is due to hit the shelves on these shores in "early 2015" priced at £9000.

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Jota180's picture

9k.  lol

9k.  lol

hk6230's picture

Too pricey

I wonder why people will pay such a price for such thing?

Brent Busch's picture

Price seems low.

They might as well have slappeda  90k price on it, they would sell just as many, hell, maybe more...