CES 2012: Audyssey unveils its latest technology to 'EQ Everything', announces link-up with Toshiba for its Premium Television package

Evoque: sound system designed using Audyssey Tuning System

Audyssey, the company behind everything from automatic calibration and equalisation for AV receivers to the innovative South of Market and Lower East Side music systems, is now offering manufacturers offer technology designed to 'EQ Everything', in the form of its Audyssey Tuning System.

And it's also partnering with Toshiba with a suite of Audyssey Premium Television technologies, designed to make the most of the sound of ever-thinner flatscreen TVs.

Its MultEQ system is already in use by brands including Denon and Onkyo for AV receivers, and Sharp and Toshiba for televisions, while car companies including Audi, Jaguar/Land Rover and Volvo use Audyssey systems to tune their entertainment systems.

Audyssey technology was used in the set-up and calibration of audio system in JLR's Range Rover Evoque (above), which was yesterday named Truck of the Year(!) at the Detroit Motor Show.

Unveiled officially at CES 2012, which opens today in Las Vegas, the Audyssey Tuning System is based on MultEQ, but 'uses multiple microphones to gather acoustical readings simultaneously and provides adjustments in real time.

'So whether it’s a TV, laptop, mobile phone or automobile, audio engineers can correct the problems and fine-tune the sound to their specification, and then easily replicate it across an entire line of products.'

Matt Jones, senior technical specialist in Jaguar/Land Rover's infotainment division, says 'an automobile is quite a challenging environment for audio – we have speaker placement limitations, physical obstructions and a plethora of reflective and absorbent surface materials to contend with.

'ATS dramatically speeds the time it takes to EQ our cars. And it provides greater accuracy, too.'

Audyssey is in talks to integrate ATS into the manufacturing processes of many of its licensing partners, and has also announced an alliance with Toshiba for a whole raft of TV-related technologies.

2012 televisions from the Japanese company will use Audyssey Premium Television, a suite of technologies designed to address some of the problems of the modern flatscreen TV.

Audyssey EQ can help compensate for the smaller drive-units and less-than-optimal speaker positions in ever-thinner TVs, while Audyssey Bass XT can enhance bass performance, and the company's Dynamic Volume is able to tame level swings between programmes and commercials.

Toshiba America's Scott Ramirez says that 'As TVs get thinner, it becomes increasingly harder to maintain high-quality sound: Audyssey Premium Television helps ensure that Toshiba customers get both a quality video experience and a quality audio experience to match.'

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