LG Ultra-Slim TV
LG will launch its Infinia Full LED TVs, 3D TVs, internet TVs with Skype, wireless HD-ready TVs and OLED models in 2010

LG was the first to kick off CES 2010 with its early morning press conference here in Las Vegas, and as expected it announced a range of 3D TVs and a 3D projector for 2010.

But there were plenty more surprises in store. At the heart of LG's 2010 TV line-up is the new Infinia range with Full LED backlighting, NetCast web connectivity on two thirds of its TV range, wireless HD video transmission (using a plug-in dongle) and, like Panasonic, the ability to make Skype voice and video calls on some models.

The slim Infinia design (just 23mm deep) includes four LCD and two plasma Fulll HD models: LE9500, LE8500, LE7500 and LE5500 in the LCD line-up, and PK950 and PK550 for the plasmas.

LG says the flagship Infinia models will also be 3D-Ready and will work with Sky's 3D TV service.

But the real star of the show is LG's Ultra-Slim model (pictured) which is a mere 6.9mm deep.

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Other surprises included an 'eco' Chocolat smartphone with a solar charging panel on the back, a smartphone with built-in projector, and what LG claims is currently the world's largest commercial OLED TV with a 15in screen.

Wireless HD connectivity is a big theme here at CES, and LG's solution is to offer a wireless dongle that can transmit Full HD video at a range of up to 30m.

Not only its Infinia TVs but also its 2010 Blu-ray players will be network enabled for access to LG's NetCast portal, which includes widgets for Netflix, Yahoo, YouTube, Skype, Picasa and AccuWeather.

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