Sharp Blu-ray TV
Sharp to focus on LCD and Blu-ray in 2009, including the world's first flatscreens with integrated Blu-ray drives

Sharp's CES press conference featured some bullish language about the health of the LCD TV market, despite global economic woes.

Central to Sharp's plans to buck the trend this year is the Aquos BD Series, the very first range of LCD flatscreens that include integrated Blu-ray drives.

Lots of new picture enhancementsAvailable in 32, 37, 42, 46 and 52in screen sizes, the three biggest sets will also utilise 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced technology, along with a number of other new picture enhancements.

These include Aquos Pure Mode, which senses when it's displaying Blu-ray content and optimises for it by intelligently adjusting picture settings such as aspect ratio.

The new sets also feature the extravagantly named ‘Superlucent Advanced Superview Panel'. “As you can probably tell… we think it's super,” quipped Bob Scaglione, Sharp's U.S. senior vice president.

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2009 sets loaded with five HDMI socketsThis year will see two other new TV ranges from Sharp. The E77U series – including the first 40in Sharp set, and featuring no less fewer than five HDMI inputs – and the E67U Series, the 32in model of which uses ‘Vyper Drive' technology to optimise the picture specifically for video gamers.

There will also be two new Blu-ray players, the BD-HP22U, and the BD-HP16U. They support BD profile 2.0, and will be priced in the U.S at $299 and $279 respectively.

Two Blu-ray home cinema-in-a-box systems will also be launched – the BD-MPC40 and the BD-MPC30 – as well as two 2.1 soundbars named the HT-SB300 and the HT-SB200. These complete the roundup of new products you can expect to see from Sharp in 2009.