CEDIA NEWS: NaimNet previews iPad app, launches in-wall/on-wall speakers

NaimNet, the multiroom audio distribution division of Naim Audio, is expanding its range with the launch of in-wall/on-wall speakers.

It's launching them at the CEDIA Home Technology Event, which opened this morning at London ExCel, and also using the event to preview a forthcoming iPad app, giving full control of a home's entertainment, lighting, heating and security systems.

The company admits that 'The iPad is very new and NaimNet's view is that it is too early for themselves, installers or integrators to have enough experience to maximise the wonderful potential of the iPad.

'Some fine-tuning from the experience of installers and potential clients will be included before the app is signed off for final release.'

As it stands, however, the app will enable systems to be controlled from a plan view of the home as an alternative to the more conventional room list, the company saying it feels this is more intuitive. It will also allow timed events to be set, from simple alarm functions to full control of heating and lighting to suit the family's schedule.

The new speakers are the NNLS range, with three models available in either in-wall or on-wall variants. The NNLS01 model is a wide-dispersion design, meant for soft-furnished rooms, surround duties and background use, while the NNLS02 and NNLS03 use a pair of midrange units configured to reduce side radiation, giving them more controlled directivity.

The in-wall models are just 9cm deep, allowing mounting in any standard stud wall, while the on-wall versions are attached with either two or four fixings. Cabinets can be sprayed or painted to match the room finish, while the grilles can be painted or printed to 'disappear', or carry artwork.

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