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BT to start charging BT TV customers for BT Sport

BT Sport will soon no longer be free for BT TV customers. From 1st August the service will cost £3.50 a month, or £42 for an annual subscription.

If you have BT broadband and watch BT Sport through a Sky box, you'll pay an extra £1.50 a month (taking the price to £7.50). Have Sky and watch BT Sport but use another broadband provider? You'll pay extra £1 a month, taking your bill to £22.99.

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The new charges come as part of an across-the-board price rise for BT's services. Starting from 2nd April, basic broadband customers will pay £2 extra a month, and BT Infinity customers £2.50 extra. Standard landline and mobile calls will also go up by 1p a minute, to 12p and 16p respectively.

The price of the standard BT TV subscription will remain unchanged. Line rental will also stay at £18.99 a month.

BT is currently sending out letters to customers informing them of the new prices. After receiving the letter, they will have 30 days in which to cancel their service without incurring a fee.

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Joe Svetlik
Joe Svetlik

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