A new exhibition of costumes, instruments and other memorabilia is to open at the O2 in London in March

A new, permanent exhibition celebrating the history of British pop music is to open in London.

 The British Music Experience will open at the O2 in London in March. Sited in the O2 'Bubble' exhibition space and covering 2,500 square metres, the exhibition will feature a range of iconic instruments – including Noel Gallagher's iconic Union Jack Les Paul guitar (above).

 It will also include artefacts and costumes from some of British pop's most memorable moments. The tassled costume Roger Daltrey wore for The Who's performance at Woodstock will sit side by side with David Bowie's Ashes To Ashes and Ziggy Stardust costumes.

The truly pop obsessed will also get to choose between inspections of Amy Winehouse's dress and eyeing up Mick Jagger's jumpsuit. The mind boggles.

In addition, Sennheiser has announced it will present a major product launch to coincide with the BME. The company has a long history of providing headphones to the recording industry, which is why the exhibition will permanently feature no less than 225 pairs of HD 215 closed-back Sennheiser headphones.

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Visitors to the exhibition will be able to interact with a series of high-tech installations, including a giant timeline, a map of 4,000 rock and pop landmarks, and a history of playback formats. So if you want to persuade someone dear that record players are still the best thing ever, this might be a good place to do it.

Each ticket (£15) will also include three free downloads from a list of 100 classic British tracks.