Bristol Show comp
Join us at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show from February 20-22 and you could win a new hi-fi or home cinema system in our £10k giveaway!

The clock is ticking and the Bristol Sound and Vision Show is only a day away. If you haven't decided whether to come yet, here's another reason to make the journey to Bristol: we've got £10,000 of superb hi-fi and home cinema kit to give away in our Bristol competition bonanza!

Entry forms will be available on the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision stand in the Bristol Suite throughout the three days of the show. Prizes up for grabs are:

Monitor Audio Radius R270HD 5.1 sub/sat speaker system (£1625)

Arcam FMJ CD17 CD player/A18 amp/Muso speaker set-up (£1450)

Naim Nait XS stereo amplifier (£1250)

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A pair of KEF iQ90 speakers (£1200)

A NAD Viso 5 home cinema system (£1000)

Three Yamaha M-430 DAB micro systems with iPod dock (£250 each)

PSB G Design GT1 Tower speakers (£1000)

Three pairs of Dali Lektor 2 speakers (£273 each)

What's more, the entire What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision team will be on hand to answer your queries, and don't miss out on our state-of-the-art demo in which we'll be exploring the brave new world of digitised, PC-based and wirelss delivery of both video and audio. Prepare to be amazed...

To find out exactly who'll be exhibiting at Bristol, and what they'll be showing, check out our show preview. See you there!