NAD Viso Five
NAD and several other manufacturers are offering some tempting discounts on their hi-fi and home cinema packages at the Bristol Show. Today's your last chance to bag a deal!

There's some pricey kit on display here at the Bristol Show, but don't forget you can also get yourself some great bargains too.

There are discounts on a wide range of products, and we've just spotted a couple more tempting offers from NAD, Arcam, Denon, Focal, KEF, Naim, Onkyo and Pioneer.

If you go along to the NAD stand (Rome 3) you can pick up a complete NAD C315BEE/NAD C515BEE/Q Acoustics 1020i hi-fi separates system with 10 per cent off the RRP.

Don't forget that this is the system that we voted 'Best hi-fi system under £1500' in our January 2009 one-make system test.

And the five-star NAD Viso Five (£995) is available as a package with the Q Acoustics Q-AV 5.1 system (£600) at a discount of 12.5 per cent.

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Other show deals:

Arcam – 33 per cent off DT32 DAB tuner (RRP £550) or P38 power amp (RRP £850) if purchased with any two stereo products (CD and amp)

Denon – 20 per cent off D-M37DAB micro system £240 (RRP £300)

Denon DVD-2500BT Blu-ray transport £720 (RRP £900)

Denon DVD-3800BD Blu-ray player £1600 (RRP £2000)

Focal – 20 per cent off any Dome 2.1 or 5.1 package or a free pair of £200 speaker stands

KEF – 20 per cent off iQ and C Series speakers

Naim – 15 per cent off all Naim speakers

Onkyo – 35 per cent off the Onkyo CR525 DAB micro system with Monitor Audio BR1 speakers £279 (RRP £430)

Onkyo TX-SR876 AV receiver with DV-BD606 Blu-ray player £999 (RRP £1450)

Pioneer – free five-year warrranty on all screens bought at the show

These and many more discounts will only be available for today, the last day of the show, so if you haven't already made the trip to Bristol hurry down!