Cabasse iO2
Check out Cabasse's distinctive iO2 speakers at the Bristol Show this weekend

Not seen these before? They're Cabasse's distinctive iO2 floorstanding speakers and you can see them in 2.1 configuration, along with the Santorin 25 subwoofer, in room 320 here at Bristol.

The iO2 is a compact satellite speaker, designed for use in stereo or multichannel systems, with the Santorin 25 subwoofer.

Using a 13cm Duocell mid/bass driver and 25mm rigid dome high frequency unit in a coaxial arrangement, the speaker conforms with all the principles of Cabasse's SCS (spacially coherent system) technology which is claimed to provide " a faithful reproduction of timbres with no artificial colouration or fatigue in long listening, and also provide a soundstage with unrivaled realism and depth"

Its 16cm spherical enclosure, available in pearl or black pearl, is attached to a stable Light Oak or Wenge wood and metal stand for optimum height positioning.

An alternative multi-function base enables shelf or wall mounting, with the sphere attached to the base via a system of magnets which allow it to be swivelled in any direction. A custom installation in-ceiling variant is also available.

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Bass is handled by the Santorin 25 subwoofer which uses a 25cm drive unit and 250W amplifier module, reaching down to 34Hz. Fully adjustable phase and crossover frequencies enable fine tuning with the iO2 satellites, and a white or gloss black finish ensures aesthetic compatibility.

Also on show are the Cabasse MC40 Java SCS floorstanding speakers, available in cherry or purple cherry finishes for £1398/pair, or a limited edition piano black finish for £1698.

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