Bristol Hi-Fi Show won't go ahead in a virtual format this year

The Bristol Hi-Fi Show
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The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2021 was cancelled as an in-person event in October, and now we've received confirmation that it won't go ahead in the proposed virtual format either.

Last autumn, the organisers of the UK's biggest hi-fi show cancelled the February event due to "uncertainty surrounding the ongoing pandemic," however stated they were "looking at options to host a virtual event". Unfortunately, they have decided not to proceed with virtual Bristol Hi-Fi Show plans, citing the lack of the industry's resources and time, as well as difficulties of supply and/or production created by the pandemic – albeit no lack of industry approval and enthusiasm.

"Sadly we have made the decision not to proceed with the virtual show... without the prospect of at least 25-30 virtual exhibitors we felt that the resulting endeavour would disappoint visitors and damage the Bristol Show brand, which we have spent 34 years creating," read the organisers' email. Some good news, though: the Bristol Hi-Fi Show is set to return next year – hopefully in person! – on February 25th, 26th and 27th. 

As for this year's hi-fi calendar, our fingers (and toes) are crossed that the Munich High End Show will go ahead as planned. In November it was revealed that Europe's biggest hi-fi show, which usually takes place in May, had been rescheduled to September.

"There’s every reason to believe that the effects of an immunization will be much more prominent in the late summer of 2021 than in May. We therefore expect that by then, virtually no more limitations will apply to international travel... We strongly believe that live trade shows are still absolutely essential for the audio industry and are doing everything possible to continue our success story,” said managing director Stefan Dreischärf. 

And then there's the springtime What Hi-Fi? Virtual Show, of course...


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