Best wireless speakers and iPod/iPhone docks 2013: What Hi-Fi? Awards

If you happen to use a portable device as your main source of music, a quality wireless speaker should be near the top of your wish list. After all, it's one of the most convenient ways of listening to music.

And, we've got four of the best. Each is a very worthy Award-winner for 2013, and they range in price from £100 to £500, all of which cater for a wide range of wireless demands. Oh, and they also all sound pretty spectacular too.

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The world isn't short of wireless speakers around £100, but there aren't many that come remotely close to matching the Cambridge Audio Minx Go for sound quality and convenience. This Bluetooth-toting speaker succeeds last year's winner, the Logitech S715i as our favourite budget buy.

A two-hour charge gives a mighty 18 hours of playback which is great news, given the Minx Go's tendency for delivering lively, enjoyable music. Given it's portable design, there's even a decent amount of bass on offer. You really are looking at a superb portable package: it's our Product of the Year in this category.

The Denon Cocoon Stream DSD-501 is next on our hit-list at the higher £250 pricepoint. The Denon was up against some serious competition including the JBL OnBeat Rumble, B&W Z2 and the Libratone Zipp.

But, it was the Denon's combination of rich, refined sound quality, a neat feature set and fine ease of use which had us reaching for the best wireless speaker £150-£250 Award. AirPlay is the main attraction but the Denon's accommodating enough to let Android users stream music via a compatible media player, too. It really is a well thought out wireless speaker.

From the Denon, we make the short jump up to the Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+, our favourite wireless speaker between £300 and £400. This neat box of tricks offers superb build quality and a premium feel which rivals such as the Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 just can't match. Then there's the added bonus of its DAB, FM tuners and alarm clock.

Over Bluetooth and through its tuners, the sense of clarity and the amount of detail on offer are outstanding.The Geneva really pushes sound performance to a new level at this price.

Last, but by no means least, we reach the Audio Pro Allroom Air One. The leatherbound speaker oozes class straight out of the box. Turn it on, start streaming via AirPlay or its Direct Link functionality and you're guaranteed a real sonic treat.

There's a marturity and refinement to the sound which is unheard of from wireless speakers at this price. Rivals such as the B&W A5 and Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 push the Audio Pro close, but none can match it for brilliant all-round performance.

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