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Best of the Week: Cyrus soundKey, McIntosh portable DAC, Indulgence Show and more

This week McIntosh launched its MHA50 portable DAC/headphone amp, Pioneer revealed two stereo receivers that embrace multiroom tech and Dynaudio announced its wireless speaker range simply called Music.

Reviews-wise, we had a number of interesting products including Optoma's 4K HDR UHD65 projector, Chord Company's Clearway Analogue RCA cable and Cyrus' soundKey portable DAC.

This week also marks the November issue of What Hi-Fi? hitting local newsagents, iOS (opens in new tab), Android and Kindle (opens in new tab) devices.

Subcribers can get their copy early - it focuses on turntables, hi-res audio and vinyl as well the latest news, opinions and reviews, with B&W's 707 S2 speaker, Roksan's Blak integrated amp and Sony's WH-1000XM2 headphones getting the review treatment.


The Indulgence Show returns to London for 2017

November 2017 issue on sale now!


McIntosh launches MHA50 portable DAC/headphone amp

McIntosh is jumping into the portable DAC market with the MHA50.

Featuring a 32-bit DAC that supports DSD256, DXD384 and PCM files up to 32bit/192kHz, the 3000mAh rechargeable battery has enough charge for six hours of Bluetooth playback.

The MHA50 also includes the company's proprietary Headphone Crossfeed Director, most notably found in its high-end amplifiers.

It'll cost £895 and go on sale in November. And it's NOT called a portable DAC, oh no.

Pioneer unveils two stereo receivers with multiple multiroom tech

Pioneer's latest stereo receivers, the SX-10AE and SX-N30AE, are built with multiroom in mind.

The SX-10AE has four analogue inputs, a line out and a sub pre-out. The SX-N30AE has more connections with six analogue inputs, a moving magnet phono input, optical and coaxial sockets as well as a line out and sub connection.

Multiroom options are available thanks to compatibility with FireConnect, DTS Play-Fi and Chromecast.

Both are out in October, with the SX-10AE at £230 and the SX-N30AE at £550.

Dynaudio announces Music, an “intelligent” wireless speaker range

Dynaudio has revealed its Music range of wireless speakers, made up of the Music 1, 3, 5 and 7.

They can observe your listening habits and offer in-app tailored playlists thanks to Dynaudio's Music Now algorithm. The range can also adapt to the room environment and optimise performance based on where they sit.

If you're going to Indulgence Show this weekend, you'll be able to see the range in person.

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Optoma UHD65

Previous 4K projectors have cost the earth, but not Optoma's UHD65 - it lies lower down the price range.

While it does not have the bells and whistles of a truly high-end effort, the UHD65 puts in a cracking performance, showing a good range of colours, impressive level of detail and nice handling of movement onscreen.

We're not too fond of how dark scenes are showcased and SDR conversion to HDR is best avoided.

Nevertheless, Optoma's UHD65 deserves consideration if you're looking to move into the 4k game.

Chord Clearway Analogue RCA

If you want a cable that does not inhibit the performance of your hi-fi components, the Clearway RCA might be the perfect fit.

Not to be confused with the Award-winning Clearway speaker cable, it's more in line with the C-Line, offering improved transparency, precision and detail over that effort.

The price may be a bugbear, but if you want cabling that aids your system in all the right ways, give this a look.

Cyrus soundKey

Cyrus' soundKey is a little late to the portable DAC market, but it's worth the wait.

What strikes us about the soundKey is how clean and open it can make a recording sound, revealing plenty of detail and character.

iOS owners will have to go through a convoluted way to to get it working, but otherwise the soundKey is an exceedingly talented performer for those who listen to music on the go.

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