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Best of the week: all the news and reviews 16.11.13

This week on we reported on the Sony PlayStation 4 making it towards the finish line just ahead of the Xbox One.

In other news we reported on the return of the Pioneer TV brand, on rumours of Apple changing tack and going for a bigger, curved iPhone design for 2014, and brought you a guide to everything you need to know about high-resolution audio.

Our reviews this week were on a wide range of products ranging from the affordable (Denon AH-D600), to the ultra-expensive (Burmester's 069) to the somewhere inbetween (BenQ W1080ST)


PS4 to get MP3, audio CD, DLNA and 3D Blu-ray support after launch

Sony's PlayStation 4 went on sale in the US on the 15th of November. However, it will be shipping without a number of features that were included at the launch of the PS3.

Supprt for MP3, audio CDs, DLNA and 3D Blu-ray playback will not be included with Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony's Worldwide Studios, casually assuring punters that a patch rectifying the issue will arrive after the console's release.

It is a bit strange to see the console lack the features that were in its predecessor, but, if we take Sony at their word, it looks like they were concentrating on getting the gaming side ready before adding in multimedia features. We'd expect to see these features in an update sooner, rather than later.

Apple considering curved smartphone design?

While we wouldn't say Apple are running out of ways to innovate, we will say that when you're considered to be the best there are very few ways to improve.

So while it may be too early to comment on the 'iPhone 6', reports suggest that Apple will be releasing a curved edition of the iPhone in the second half of 2014.

It would be no surprise if it was a bit bigger than previous iPhones (4.7 and 5.5in screens) and with demand for the 5C lower than expected, Apple will be looking to stay ahead of its rivals as the competition heats up again.

In other Apple-related news, the iPad Mini with Retina display is now on sale.

Pioneer back in the TV game?

After stepping out of the TV business a few years ago, Pioneer will be jumping back in after signing an exclusive deal with Dixons Retail.

Dixons Retail, which owns Currys and PC World, will start selling Pioneer TVs in 2014, with full HD, 3D, LED TVs in 40in, 46in and 55in screen sizes on offer.

There's no sign of the company's KURO plasma sets but in the light of Panasonic's withdrawal, would Pioneer come back to plug the gap? Don't hold your breath.

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Denon AH-D600

We had a rather brief look at the Denon AH-D600s in our November headphone round up but now they're back and been given a slightly more thorough going over.

While they're presentation could have been a little better, we were quietly impressed by how good these headphones sounded. If you're a fan of cans delivering open and spacious sound, the AH-D600s are a good fit.

Read the full Denon AH-D600 review

Burmester 069

While we mainly review affordable hi-fi, every now and then we like to see what's going on at the pricier end of the market. And £36,000 for a CD player is most definitely at the higher end.

So while Burmester's 069 might cost more than your car, for those who could afford it it's a supremely well-made piece of kit with a great sonic presentation. For those who can't, well, we can still dream…

Read the full Burmester 069 review

BenQ W1080ST

As part of look at projectors in the December issue we had an effort from BenQ go up against a projector from ViewSonic and the Award-winning Epson TW-5910.

Suffice to say we liked what we saw with its bright, sharp picture. if you're looking for a projector that works well in a small room, we'd gladly recommend the BenQ W1080ST.

Read the full BenQ W1080ST review


Finlux 24F6030S

Focal Aria 906

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