Well, it's February 29, so if you were born today in 1968, happy tenth birthday - you'll be going to big school soon!

For the rest of you, let's hope some of you single chaps out there get leapt upon by your best beloved, as is traditional.

Us? We've been recovering from the Sound & Vision show in Bristol, getting cracking on the May issue, and bringing you all of the news that's happened since the show closed on Sunday night.

There's a new issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision on sale next week, of which more nearer the time, and we've been pretty busy online, too.

This week we've...


Over in the Forums we now have over 10,000 registered users - yay! - and over 30,000 threads to keep you talking. This week we've been discussing compressed music formats, getting caught up in yet another cable debate, and wondering how many TVs you have.

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