Well, the river outside the office window remains a raging torrent, while down in the depths of WHFSV towers all the energy is being generated by discussions of the merits of various pieces of equipment as the Awards judging looms ever closer.

In the meantime, things have also been busy here on the website, This week, as well as seeing the whole DAB vs FM debate start to heat up, we've mainly been...

  • Brought you news of KEF's superbly cute little Picoforte iPod systems
  • Wondered what Yamaha's playing at with its new HD-audio-free receivers
  • Started drooling over the prospect of Denon's first Blu-ray player and Heroes on HD DVD
  • Shuddered at just how much of a mess CBS and Paramount might make of a sci-fi icon when they launch the original Star Trek series on HD DVD, complete with new effects, a rerecorded theme tune and remastered boldly going.
  • And had our ears pounded by the Rough Trade East PA system about a foot away as we took pictures of New Young Pony Club in action at the shop's launch party

Meanwhile our forums crashed through the 1000 users barrier over last weekend, and are well on the way to the next thousand.. This week you've been asking about everything from new systems from scratch to upgrading speakers, still wondering which is the best 37in TV to buy, and engaging in lively debate about MP3 quality. if you're not asking or contributing yet, what're you waiting for? Click here and join in...

Oh, and there's a new issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision on sale now, including tests of the best ideas for boosting your TV system, B&W's new 685 speakers, Onkyo's TX-SR875 receiver and a stack of pre/power amplifiers.

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