It's been the lull after the storm this week: following the onslaught of equipment for Awards consideration last week – yes, Dave, you did look shattered in that picture! – and finishing off the September issue, things are kind of returning to normal here at WHFSV.

Testing's underway for the October issue, editor Clare Newsome has been spending time up a mountain listening to jazz – well, almost – and we've been startling industry PR people with just how fast their press releases appear on this site.

This week we've brought you news of:

Meanwhile the Forums just keep on growing – it won't be long before we have 1000 members registered. We're going flat out to answer questions about how to get the best out of Sony's 40in LCD, choosing the right AV receiver, upgrading CD players and picking an HDMI cable.

But we're sure there are loads of you out there just waiting to give others advice, wanting to brag about your system, or simply with a hankering to shoot the breeze on matters hi-fi and home cinema. So why don't you sign up and join in?

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