It's a truly significant anniversary in cinema history: 75 years ago tonight the world's first drive-in movie theatre opened in Camden, New Jersey.

Covering some six acres, and costing around $60,000, the site had space for 500 cars, at 25c per car plus 25c per occupant.

The publicity at the time said that "Motorists and their guests will see and hear talking pictures while they smoke, talk or partake of refreshments without annoying others in the audience.

"Abridged features, with all dull or uninteresting parts omitted, will be featured at the theatre, which will give three shows nightly. The management announces beer and lunches will be on sale at the theatre beginning next week."

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On the subject of anniversaries, it was 46 years ago today that The Beatles had their first audition with George Martin.

The rest is history, as was Pete Best soon after - he was replaced in August 1962 by Ringo Starr.

Unlike the infamous man at Decca, Martin liked what he heard, and the Beatles were soon signed up, becoming lovable moptops and making hit after hit.

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Meanwhile, for anyone still intrigued by the first-ever drive-in movies, here's an explanation of how it all worked, from a 1933 issue of Popular Mechanics.