Once again, Europe's biggest technology show didn't disappoint. From 8K flat TVs to 4K curved TVs, high-res Walkmans to high-end Technics, headphones to smartphones - there was something for everyone at IFA 2014. We round-up some of our highlights...

Here's a peek at LG's 8K Ultra HD 98in TV

And are rumours of 3D's demise exaggerated? LG thinks so...

From 40in to 85in, here are Panasonic's 4K TVs

... and 4K gaming done the right way by Panasonic?

And what's this from Panasonic? The return of Technics!

The Technics C700 Premium Series in all it's glory...

..and the Technics R1 Reference Class

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Monster and Qualcomm have developed the Soundstage multiroom system

Harman Kardon has joined the multiroom game as well with Omni

Yamaha now has 35 wireless products, making it one of the world's biggest wireless audio companies

Loewe announced the stunning curved Masterpiece

Sony unveiled 4K content promotion among other things...

...like the impressive Xperia Z3 smartphone

Meanwhile, Samsung drew in the crowds for its Unpacked 2 event

The Galaxy Note 4 promising to be a technological tour de force.

And a little something for the drivers out there – the new Ferrari California T, powered by ‪JBL‬ and a 552bhp V8

Philips announced the UHD 880 Media Player, which will allow receipt and playback of HEVC encoded 4K content.

Crystal Acoustics hopes its WiSound technology will become a new standard for room-filling sound.

Sennheiser launched a new CX range, plus Mometum in-ears and a new Beats-bating Urbanites range

Want to send your vinyl around your Sonos system? Now you can with Flexson's VinyPlay deck.

Sony also showed-off new headphones, a headphone amp and the NWZ-A15 high-res Walkman.

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