Awards 2015: 14 pairs of sensational headphones

Buying a new pair of headphones can be one of the simplest (and most affordable) upgrades you can make but the huge amount of choice on the market is both a blessing and a curse. Where do you start looking? We suggest our in-ear and on-ear Awards categories should be your first port of call...

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Sennheiser's brilliant Momentum M2 in-ears walk away with the Product of the Year top honour thanks to their wonderfully musical and exciting sound. The SoundMagic E10S are back for another Best Buy Award and well worth investigating if you're looking for a value upgrade.

Those with more expensive tastes or who require something more befitting a high-end portable music player should cast an eye over the Shure SE425 and the beautifully built Sennheiser IE 800 headphones.

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The on-ear category is a beast in 2015 with no fewer than 10 winners. AKG's rival-slaying Y50 earphones pick up where they left off last year, with the coveted Product of the Year prize. Style, portability and performance collide, and there's really no excuse for giving these brilliant headphones an audition.

It perhaps doesn't come as a surprise that the Bluetooth versions, the Y50 BT, have also managed to snaffle a Best Buy Award. Relative newcomers to the headphone market, these AKGs sound just as entertaining as their wired counterpart, which is no mean feat where wireless audio is concerned.

There's more succcess for Sennheiser's Momentum range in the shape of the 2.0 over-ears, while the noise-cancelling and Bluetooth-toting Momentum 2.0 Wireless wowed us with their impressive features and all-round ability.

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