We can now reveal the winner of our user review competition who gets a lovely pair of PMC Twenty 22 speakers worth £1970.

Back in February/March we ran a competition to find the best user review on whathifi.com. The lucky winner of the Award-winning PMC speakers is OliG from Hurst Green for his review of the Oppo BDP-105D Blu-ray player, which you can read here:


The judges felt the review was clear, concise and gave readers a very useful insight into how the player performed in the owner's system. We particularly liked the phrase "the Oppo is a player that has been designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts" which sums it up perfectly.

The writer praises the player for the quality of CD and SACD (Super Audio CD) playback, highlighting its role as a true universal device for music and movies. He also mentions the quality of the packaging the unit comes in - in his words, "an overlooked element of the purchasing process". Very true.

So a pristine pair of five-star of PMC Twenty 22 speakers will soon be winging their way to OliG's home. And he gets one of our coveted 'Approved Reviewer' badges too.

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If you missed out on the PMC prize, don't worry, you can now enter our latest competition to win a superb Naim Mu-so wireless speaker worth £895! Hurry before it's too late.

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The Oppo BDP-105D is a great universal player


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Congrats OliG!

Congrats OliG!

Andy, will past reviews be considered for the next competition, or will it only apply to new reviews posted since 7 April?



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User reviews

It will be new reviews posted after that date up until April 21st.