Amazon Super Bowl ad hints at new Alexa voices

In a new Amazon ad set to play at the Super Bowl - which you can watch here - Amazon hinted its smart speakers (and clocks) might get a new voice.

We watch a woman asking her Echo Dot speaker about the weather, but when Alexa starts to reply it coughs before going silent. We then cut to a news reporter talking about how Alexa has "lost her voice", and then a worried Jeff Bezos being told "the replacements are ready".

Since it's "replacements", not "replacement", we imagine there may be more than one voice available for the smart assistant. Last year, Google added a traditionally masculine voice to its Home and Home Mini speakers, while Apple's Siri has had numerous options available for some time.

Currently, the only language options available on the Alexa app are English (in British, Australia, and US versions) and German.

Super Bowl LII takes place on February 4th, so we expect to see the update then.


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