AfterMaster Pro promises to upgrade the sound from any device

AfterMaster is best known for producing studio recordings for the likes of Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga, so its first consumer product is reason to be at least mildly interested.

The AfterMaster Pro promises to improve the sound quality from pretty much any audio or visual device. Plug it into your TV, for example, and it'll aim to raise and clarify the dialogue levels, while also, Aftermaster claims, improving surrounding audio.

Plug it into your phone, and it promises to do the same, whether you're watching an HD download or a cat video on YouTube.

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It comes with HDMI and headphone ports, so will work with most devices (though not the iPhone 7, unless you use an adapter).

These are bold claims, and we'll have to test it ourselves before we can confirm. Much of the sound quality will depend on your speakers or headphones, but it's certainly an interesting device from a firm with a strong track record on the other side of the mixing desk.

On show at CES 2017, the AfterMaster Pro is available now, priced at a relatively affordable $170 (£140).

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Joe Svetlik

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