Acoustic Energy's ready for the Extremes of Summer

Acoustic Energy Extreme 8

Selling at £450/pr, the new speakers use a 25mm dome tweeter and a 16cm version of the company's familiar alloy-cone mid/bass unit, housed in a weatherproof sealed enclosure made from reinforced structural polymer.

This material is said to be highly durable, UV-resistant and bette-sounding than simpler plastic cabinets. The speaker comes in black or white, with paintable grilles to match the mounting location.

The speaker can be mounted vertically or horizontally on its bracket, which is designed for swift, secure installation, and has been voiced to accentuate the presence band, improving intelligibility in noisy locations.

Neutrik Speakon connections are used for a reliable hook-up, and the speakers have 90dB/W/m sensitivity and 150W power handling.

They measure 39x26x26cm, and weigh 7kg apiece.