Acoustic Energy adopts all-new DXT-Lens technology for flagship speakers

Acoustic Energy Radiance

The Radiance 3 (£1500, pictured) is a floorstanding, three-way design. If you're interested in creating a home cinema speaker package from this range, you can call upon the services of the Radiance Centre (£800) and Radiance Subwoofer (£600).

All the speakers feature Acoustic Energy's new high frequency sound technology: DXT-Lens. AE claims that DXT-Lens matches dispersion between the speaker's tweeter and bass driver, thus producing a more cohesive sound.

Neodymium Ring-radiator, 38mm tweeters feature throughout the range.

All the speakers come with magnetic grilles and are available in two real-wood veneers: Light and Dark Ash. The Radiance Series goes on sale in February.