Chord Company Silver Plus HDMI
Here are the 99 lucky winners of our Chord Company competition, who each receive an £85 HDMI Silver Plus cable

Back in May we were giving away 99 of The Chord Company's HDMI Silver Plus cables, each worth £84.95.

This HDMI 1.3a-specification cable was a 2007 Award winner, is a handy 1.5m long and provides sublime picture quality, with virtually no trace of irritating video noise.

Now we can reveal the names of the 99 lucky winners, who should all have received an email confirming that they'll soon be receiving this great prize. Congratulations to all.

Benjamin Rajapandian

Chris Rye

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Steve Woods

Howard Casman

Richard Webster

Gary Robinson

Damien Nyack

David Windsor-Martin

Phil Shaw

Gerry Davey

Alex Kells

Mark Hoole

Mick Caney

Monika Karbownik

Mark Bligh

Mark Bates

Gareth White

J Fowler

Thomas Rawlings

Alexandru Trutiu

Michael Nicholson

Rodrigo Etrevi

Shafquat Rafiq

Ed Sherwood

Shaun Cooper

Nikolay Metchev

Martin Smith

Clive Dilworth

David Smith

Sheena Hadnum

Bonnie Hill

Anthony Das

Stephen Woodcock

Cliff Haylett

Chris Millward

Paul Kerr

John Auletta

Andrea Peate

Richard O'Boyle

Mark Clayson

Kelcey Venn

John Simpson

Eamonn Magee

Jason Scott

Stephe Nunnerley

Paul Emanuel

Dave Roberson

Alan Muir

Gary Plummer

Nicholas Tringham

Alistair Carnegie

Bruno Spiritovic

Guy Kent

Dean Shaw

John Wolstencroft

Peter McGillion

Joe Foster

Alan Gill

Graham Bastin

Stuart Allison

James Wilson

Ben Glover

Tim Casalis de Pury

Mark Sinclair

R Woodward

Anthony Belloni

Steven Camp

Angie Hoggett

P Phillips

Ryan Swain

John Gleave

Rod Avery

Tony Hone

Kay Rose

Tony Wilks

Graham Clifford

Heather Knotts

Adam Cox

Simon Clarkson

Michelle Watson

Robert Howe

Pete Shields

Michael Waters

Lynn Malthouse

Matthew McPeake

Neil Dickens

Jay Vyas

Nathan Mattick

Amit Aggarwal

Jonathan Smith

Lee Campbell

Paul Maunder

Craig Bell

Stephen Fernandez

Martin Quinn

Chris Dyke

Graham Bell

Victor Evans