26 Products of the Year – the best of the What Hi-Fi? Awards 2015

104 products took home Best Buy Awards at this year’s ceremony but there can only be one outright winner in each category. The Product of the Year represents the best performance-per-pound piece of kit in each section, and comes together to make the ultimate Christmas 2015 tech shopping list.

The following list of 26 products covers TVs, turntables, wireless speakers, headphones, DACs, stereo amps and much more besides, including two new categories for this year: portable music players and the Temptation Award, which represents the best in high-end tech.

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Samsung UE48J6300

Tested at £700 - compare latest prices

A fantastic picture, decent sound and incredibly easy to use, this Samsung TV has it all.

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Soundbars and soundbases

Q Acoustics Media 4

Tested at £330 - compare prices

A second win in a row for this Q Acoustics soundbar. Not only has it been able to fend off the competition, it's had a price reduction in to the bargain.

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Stereo speakers

B&W 685 S2

Tested at £500 - compare prices

It's a repeat win for B&W with the 685 S2 speakers, which once again proved to be more enjoyable and engaging than any other pairs of speakers that we've heard this year.

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Blu-ray players

Panasonic DMP-BDT370

Tested at £100 - compare prices

Panasonic has done what we thought was impossible, and taken Sony's crown for best Blu-ray player. This player delivers a stonkingly good picture for the money and throws in 4K upscaling too.

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Wireless speakers

Audio Pro Addon T3

Tested at £165 - compare prices

The wireless speaker market is always hotly contested, which makes the Addon T3 even more of a triumph.

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On-ear headphones


Tested at £50 - compare prices

The Y50s are a perfect example of style and substance done well, which is why they've won a Product of the Year Award for a second year running.

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In-ear headphones

Sennheiser Momentum M2 in-ear

Tested at £90 - compare prices

Sennheiser has had a great year with its Momentum range of headphones, but it's the in-ear model that really blew us away.

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Apple iPad Air 2

Tested at £400 - compare prices

The iPad Air 2 is hands-down the best tablet on the market today, and the ultimate choice for bigger-than-smartphone-sized entertainment.

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Multi-room systems

Bluesound Generation 2

From £270 - compare prices

Bluesound already had the best-sounding multi-room system, but the Gen 2 has made it even better.

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Stereo amplifiers

Cambridge CXA60

Tested at £500 - compare prices

The CXA60 ticks all the boxes: great sound, good looks, digital inputs and high-res audio support. It's a brilliant success.

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Rega RP3/Elys 2

Tested at £550 - compare prices

We're really starting to wonder if there'll ever be another turntable that can dethrone the RP3. If you're looking to get into vinyl, or want to replace an old deck, this is the one to buy.

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Denon D-M40DAB

Tested at £349 - compare prices

Denon really does know how to make a micro system and the D-M40DAB sounds better than ever before.

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Chord Mojo

Tested at £399 - compare prices

We fell in love with the Mojo as soon as we heard it. It delivers much of the sound of the £1400 Hugo at a fraction of the price.

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Home cinema amplifiers

Denon AVR-X2200W

Tested at £500 - compare prices

Denon's latest AV receiver delivers a wonderful articulated sound, has stacks of functionality and is future-proof for some years to come.

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Speaker packages

Monitor Audio Bronze B5 AV

Tested at £1500 - compare prices

The Bronze B5 AV package looks good and sounds even better. It'll play nice with movie soundtracks as well as music, making it a truly versatile option.

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Epson EH-TW7200

Tested at £1900 - compare prices

Epson has triumphed for a second year with the TW7200. It delivers a truly immersive viewing experience and is the best option for big-screen entertainment.

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CD players & transports

Cyrus CDi

Tested at £975 - compare prices

Cyrus is another repeat winner in 2015 with the CDi. It's a hugely entertaining player that's better than anything else at this price.

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Cambridge CXN

Tested at £700 - compare prices

The CXN is a stylish, feature-packed streamer that sounds great and is a joy to use. If you're in the market for a music streamer, look no further.

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Roberts Stream 93i

Tested at £150 - compare prices

Roberts has won top honours again with the Stream 93i. It serves up a scintillating sound and provides some genuinely useful extras.

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Set-top boxes

Sky+ HD 2TB

Tested at £250 - compare prices

Sky's offering of TV, catch-up and on-demand content betters the competition. The box also delivers a superb HD picture and an intuitive interface.

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Portable music players

Astell & Kern AK Jr

Tested at £400 - compare prices

The AK Jr won the first ever portable music player Award thanks to its incredible build quality and performance, all in a relatively affordable package.

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Chord Company Clearway

Tested at £10 - compare prices

This Chord speaker cable will help stitch together all the instruments in whatever piece you're listening to, resulting in better musicality and greater dynamics.

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Apple iPhone 6S

Tested from £free - compare prices

The iPhone may not be able to compete on paper due to its lesser specs, but in reality it can more than hold its own. Couple a good screen and great sound with a slick interface and it's easy to see why it's our champion once again.

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VPI Prime

Tested at £3750 - compare prices

The Temptation category is another new one for 2015 and the inaugural winner was the VPI Prime. Never have we heard such an impressive sound from a turntable at this price. A well deserved winner.

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Streaming services

BBC iPlayer

Tested at £free

BBC's iPlayer walked home with the Product of the Year this year thanks to its vast array of content, easy to use interface and its availability on pretty much every platform.

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Readers' Award

Naim Mu-so

Tested at £895 - compare prices

No What Hi-Fi? Awards would be complete without you, the readers, having your say. The votes flooded in and the unanimous winner was the Naim Mu-so - and we won't argue. It's a tremendous wireless speaker that does a brilliant job of delivering hi-fi sound from one box.

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