Our Verdict 
Good specifications but picture quality is far from perfect.
Sharp and stable picture
good feature count and disc support
flexible screen is a nice touch
Lacks extra level of detail
poor contrast
rather unnatural colour balance
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With much cheaper models available, and being only £50 less than some of its rivals, we're hoping to see a decent level of performance.

Things don't get off to the best of starts when you discover there are no contrast or sharpness settings – only the colours and screen brightness can be adjusted. The screen itself is a 10in LCD that can be swivelled through 180 degrees and also folded down into a portable tablet. Build is solid enough, while the design is clear and efficient, if far from exciting.

The Mustek MP100 allows you to plug in your pictures, TV and more In terms of spec, it scores well. There's an MMC/SD card-reader, composite, S-Video and digital coaxial outputs, two headphone jacks, a USB input and support for most DVD discs and DivX and MP3 files. The three-hour battery life is okay, if nothing special.

Watching Lucky Number Slevin, the colour balance could be better. Dark black scenes are too gloomy, while blocks of black lack definition. By contrast, bright colours are a little too overblown. Detail isn't a strong point in general for the MP100.However, it's a stable, sharp picture, with no obvious problems with motion, noise or flickering. Sound quality is fine, too.

You can buy a better picture, but if you're after a versatile portable on a budget, the MP100's worth a look.