Our Verdict 
Excellent - does everything a remote should do in some style.
Looks and feels great
pleasure to set-up, use
bags of functionality
We've loved Logitech remotes in the past and this is possibly the coolest
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Logitech's Harmony remotes just keep getting better.
The 1000 model distinguishes itself with a rectangular design and touchscreen control. It's responsive and intuitive to operate, and feels great in your hand, too.
It's supplied with a charging dock and a USB cable, but you will have to pay extra for an RF receiver - this is infrared - should you want more than line-of-sight control.
The software remains a doddle to negotiate - all the programming is done on your PC or Mac - and we soon programmed two 'activities' which can turn on/off all our AV equipment and select appropriate inputs as required.
There are a world of features and possibilities, which we simply can't get through here, but suffice to say the 1000 does everything a remote should do in some style. We like.