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Lloytron Mains Plug review

Don't let the price fool you, this Lloytron mains cable is a false economy that's only just better than a free supplied cable Tested at £3.50

Our Verdict

Cheap, but in no way cheerful, this Lloytron is a very false economy


  • Well, it's cheap enough


  • Everything else imaginable

This lead looks and feels its price. Put to work with the pin-sharp Blu-ray of A Clockwork Orange, the Lloytron let our kit serve up a bright performance.

Colours were acceptable, but precision and depth were lacking.

Hamstrung by a shaky grasp of motion in fast scenes and with more than a hint of stridency about its sound, there's not much here that sets this cable apart from the bundled mains lead that came with our reference kit.

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