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It does everything well, but you can buy better sound for the cash
Built-in 3D BD player
extra HDMI inputs
great sound and pictures
Deep chassis prohibits positioning
sub could be better integrated
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Looks can be deceptive. This LG looks svelte, but it’s only in the flesh that you realise how deep it is at. That rules out wall-mounting, and almost certainly putting it on the same shelf as your TV.

Still, this is a good-looking unit thanks to the brushed metal finish and classy slot-loading Blu-ray drive.

What’s more, it’s laden with features: 3D Blu-ray playback, twin HDMI inputs; a wireless sub, built-in wi-fi, Smart TV and an iPod dock, to name just a few.

Immersive sound and excellent picturePlay a Blu-ray, whether 3D or 2D, and this LG soundbar is on a par with the best standalone budget players thanks to firm motion handling, lots of detail and a fine colour balance.

Of course, a standalone player won’t also chuck out the audio, but the LG does to impressive effect. It lacks the astonishing surround field of the Yamaha YSP-2200, but this LG does send effects further into and around the room than any of its other rivals. It’s crisp and precise, too.

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On top of all that you’ve got the likes of BBC iPlayer, Acetrax and vTuner available via LG’s web portal, plus an ever-growing range of apps.

Yes, bundling the Yamaha with a separate player will yield the very best results, but if you don’t fancy giving up the money or space to stretch to that, this LG makes a very fine all-in-one.

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