• Jays a-Jays Five
Our Verdict 
If compatibility is important to you, these buds are a handy option
There’s a version for every main operating system
Energetic presentation
Indifferent dynamics
Short on insight
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Mobile operating systems make choosing headphones a chore. Three-button remotes nearly always work on iOS, but are unpredictable on Android.

One-button offerings nearly always work on Android, but there’s no option to change volume quickly.

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The Jays solution is to make three dedicated versions of the a-Jays Five; one each for Android, iOS and Windows. And it works – just make sure you have the right version.

Besides this considerate attitude to compatibility, the a-Jays Five seem fairly ordinary. The sound is good, but nothing extraordinary.

There’s a good sense of energy and a decent sense of balance. It’s a little brash though, and dynamics feel a little flat.

The sound could also be cleaner: these aren’t the most insightful headphones we’ve heard for the price.

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If compatibility is important to you, these buds are a good option. But if you’re willing to sacrifice those buttons, there are better headphones to be had around this price.

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Jays a-Jays Five
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