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Yamaha RXV 467

hi, i new on this site, please help i bought the Rxv 467 and a set of Mointor Audio Bx6 with Bx center, is this a good combination and will the amp drive these. what sub can i install and back surround? thanks den

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RE: Your system

Hi, and welcome to the forums!

The Monitor Audios should go really well with the Yamaha.  The obvious choice of sub and surrounds and is the matching BXW-10, and BX-FX - giving you a BX5-5.1 setup, which gets 5 stars from WHF S&V.

The BX-FX are Bipole/Dipole switchable, a rarity for the price point and great for flexibility in a 5.1 setup.  Enjoy!

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