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Have anyone used Denon, Yamaha or Pioneer app, WinPhone 8?


I was just wondering if anyone have used app on their WP8/WP7 phone?

Any good? or at least usable?

I have a Pioneer N-50, but no app, not even unofficial can be used, however
I'm considering replacing my Pioneer N-50 with an AV surround unit that can
stream via Airplay/Spotify (my gf have macbook+iphone), NAS music and radio. Of
course the video part is also something that will be used!

I'm considering Yamaha RX-A820, Pioneer VSX1123 & Denon AVR 2313,

The app will not decide my buy, but a good app is a plus, and a bad will be a

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RE: Have anyone used Denon, Yamaha or Pioneer app, WinPhone 8?

I have an Arcam AVR400 which has internet radio and can stream music from my NAS.

There are a few UPnP apps in the windows phone app store, the best one (most usable) I have found is an app called 4U2Stream. It does a reasonable job of controlling streaming from the NAS to the AVR. (tested on a Nokia Lumia 800 and 920) It won't, however, control the internet radio.

There are a couple of Arcam AVR specific apps available for iOS. There is a uPNP app that will enable streaming and has a much better interface than the windows phone generic app. There is also an iOS app that will allow full control of the AVR as a kind of remote control unit, but I think this requires some kind of dongle to plug into the back of the AVR somewhere.

Sorry this isn't useful for the specific manufacturers that you mention.

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