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Phlips 42PFL9664 BER - Replacement Help rev 2

Hi Folks

About 3 years ago I purchased the Philips 42PFL9664, a fantastic tv which as I recall was What HiFi tv of the year for 2009. Unfortunately my set was one of those blighted by the dirty watermark effect when there was horizontal panning across a single colour such as during a football match. I did learn to life with it however and I don't regret buying.

Now the bad news, just over 3 weeks ago the tv started showing horizontal lines across the picture. this was particularly noticeable when the screen had a light or white background. Time to make use of at 5 year warranty I thought.

The tv was picked up and returned for repair. After 3 weeks of hearing nothing finally today I'm told the tv was 'BER' beyond economical repair and my details had been passed onto some department who would be contacting me within 48 hours to offer me a like for like replacement. After hearing this the alarm bells started ringing.....................a like for like replacement........on a 3 year old LCD tv........................does that mean they can offer me cheap supermarket LCD which retails at £350?

All the guy on the phone would say is like for like replacement. My colleague at work says because I had a premium brand in the philips and a tv with ambilight then they will have to offer me another philips if they are going to offer a 'like for like' replacement. I hope he's right but I'm not convinced.

So I was wondering is there anyone else who's been through the 'BER' scenario and how id it work out?

Also If I can get another Philips is there a 42" from the current range which matches or better the PQ and sound of the 9664?

Appreciate the help.

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RE: Phlips 42PFL9664 BER - Replacement Help rev 2

Had exactly the same issues as you, but within the first year of ownership.  Richer Sounds (how good are they) replaced it like for like and I ended up with the Samsung, absolutely brilliant television.  Will never buy Philips again.  I've posted the trials and tribulations of the process a few years ago, if you have the inclination to search and read up on it. 


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RE: Phlips 42PFL9664 BER - Replacement Help rev 2

Cheers Juzzie

If it's taken to the letter I don't think i will be offered a samsung as they don't do a 42" tv?

I liked he Philips, it looked classy and the picture quality was IMO fantastic. However the dirty lens issues i had did spoil it slightly.

Did you have any say in what set you were offered as a like for like replacement?

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RE: Phlips 42PFL9664 BER - Replacement Help rev 2

** Update **


Just had a call from the insurance people, they are offering me a Philips 42PFL6907T as a direct like for like replacement. The value of this set is about £800 so little over half what i paid for my 9664 but the spec seems good. Has anyone any thoughts on this tv?

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Clearly not

Clearly not Smile

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RE: Clearly not

Sorry greymack, that's not one of the Philips models we've tested.

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RE: Clearly not

Did you check on google? If you put "philips 42pfl6907t review" into google, QVC gives four customer reviews, who all seem quite happy. No magazine reviews though.

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RE: Phlips 42PFL9664 BER - Replacement Help rev 2

Cheers guys I did the google search and as you say not a lot, however if you check the 47" version there's quite a few more.

I nearly had a heart attack however when i read one sole review from some guy in london, nice tv ruined by dirt marks effect when panning horizontally ...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

How can this fault still be going 3 years after the big discussions on this very forum over the 9664.

I remember asking Andy Clough who had the 9664 at home at the time and he couldn't see the problem yet many many people on various forums could since then i have wondered if it was only visible to special people with special sight.......:) who knows.

Nothing I can do about the 42PFL6907T as it's an insurance replacement, so if it has the dirty marks effect i will just have to get on with it, at least i'm getting a new telly Smile

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