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RE: rega rp3 cartridge upgrade

nima wrote:

chebby wrote:

CJSF wrote:

To me, VTA is like focusing a camera, a picture is no good if it aint sharp . . . and dont forget the more the lens costs the better the sharper and more dynaic the picture can be ...

Hmm not sure about that as a set-in-stone rule.

Look up the Cooke PS945 lens and find some examples of the wonderful effect it's softness can have on photographs and the reasons why some very serious photographers love it.

Sorry to go off-topic folks.

As you were.

There are dozens of ways to take blury pics with sharp lens, and you can always muffle your ears, speakers or deck if that suits you. The other way around is not so easy. Unsharp lens really annoy me.

It was off-topic - as stated - and only related to the photography remarks CJSF made. 


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RE: rega rp3 cartridge upgrade

Very sad when you start to nit-pick over something that is obviously an illustration referring to inferior camera lens products, I know what is a good lens too . . . A bit like the stupidity when my spelling used to picked on, all knew what was meant, the word 'troll' comes to mind . . . very childish. :wall:


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RE: rega rp3 cartridge upgrade

Critical Mass wrote:

With the Nagaoka, are spacers required on a RB303 tonearm??

Hi, CM, I recentley changed the 10x4 on my Planar 3/ R200, for a Nagaoka MP 110, and as far as I could tell just by looking, the stylus was vertical on the groove. 

I sent for a level from AO, which arrived a few minutes ago and when the cartridge is on a disc, the heashell is less than half a gnat's whatsit from perfectly level, so you should be OK without spacers. 

The level is only a few quid, so a worthwhile purchase, and j7 reckons it can be left in place in use.

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