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Rega RP1 Drive Pulley

Hi all, absolutely loving my new RP1 and so glad I am back in the world of vinyl. I am having some problems with the turntable though and in particular the drive pulley which appears to be loose and certainly not central as it looks like it is coming unstuck.


When I first unpacked the turntable and switched the power on I immediately heard a grating sound so took off the platter and saw the drive pulley had dropped and was scraping.....I took it straight back to Audio T who tested it and then saw the problem and fixed it by just using brute force to try and stick it back and it seemed to work for a while but I guess the glue is not working and slowly the drive pulley is coming unstuck again..


So my question is am I entitled to ask for a complete replacement turntable or will I have to put up with it being sent back to Rega...I would like a complete replacement but not sure where I stand...

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RE: Rega RP1 Drive Pulley

An exchange is on order I think!

And nothing wrong with being a Rega Fan!


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