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MICHELL, Gyrodec versus SE

    Practically and sound wise is there any difference ?


    Obviously the gyrodec has a advantage with the dust situation,are ther any others?  Smile


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RE: MICHELL, Gyrodec versus SE

Never heard em back to back so cant give any insight. Used to run an SE , has one big advantage over the full monty. You dont need a rack the size of a snooker table,lol. Been here before, but you can get a fish tank type cover made for 70 to 80 quid *, thats what i did at the time. Dont bother with the platter cover if you go the SE route, waste of money. 

You have the option of upgrading to full spec at a later date if you want to scratch an itch. 


* peeps doubted me on this but you can , i still have the bloody receipt  :).

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I used to own the SE. IMO the full gyrodec is prone to resonance cause by the dust cover. Smile

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RE: MICHELL, Gyrodec versus SE

I've got a Gyrodec; it has been said that it sounds better with the lid removed, but I haven't tried it yet. 

However, I do know that even with the lid down it still gets pretty dusty and it is enormous too. 


Size wise it's approx 535mm wide x 440mm deep x 185mm High; that's around 21" x 17.25" x 7.25" in old money.


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RE: MICHELL, Gyrodec versus SE

In theory, and according to Michel Engineering, there is a slight sound quality penalty with the full version owing to the extra mass of lid and plinth. The open SE version has less area and mass to resonate and therefore feedback is significantly reduced giving better bass with increased clarity and detail.

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