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Citronic PD-1 - matching cartridge, headshell?

Apologies from a vinyl newbie. I just bought a 2nd hand citronic pd-1 direct drive turntable for home vinyl fun, not DJing. BUT it came minus headshell and cartridge. Research hasn't helped me figure out how I pick a cartridge to match. I figure the headshell doesn't really matter, but please tell me if I'm wrong. Can anyone help me find an appropriate cartridge to match this machine, or tell me how to calculate, based on the turntable's specs, how to find the right one?



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RE: Turntables and LPs

Hi there,

a £7 Maplin Electronics DJ headshell will do the job perfectly, and for a cartridge I would suggest something like an Audio Technica AT-91 from SuperFi at £18. 

This isn't suitable for DJ-ing as it won't back-cue safely, but as you've mentioned that the main use is listening it will do the job perfectly.  I've had an AT-91 on my Technics SL1210 as a backup cart for about a year, and it sounds a lot better than the price would have you believe.

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