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Synology + Dac????

Hi all,

I have a Synology Ds211 and hope to attatch a Beresford dac can anyone through any light on wether or not the Synology will recognize a usb dac or wether the Synology audio remote must be used to plug the dac into??? The synology web site isnt that clear on the matter! :doh:



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RE: Synology + Dac????

There are a few DACs in the list:


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RE: Synology + Dac????

Thanks big boss, i had seen this list but its unclear if these devices were connected via the Synology audio remote device or directly to the drive itself.

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RE: Synology + Dac????


I have a synology ds710+ connected to a Cambridge Audio dac magic plus via USB , works perfectly.

to control the music I use the ds audio app installed on my Idevices and android stuff , there is a remote mode avalaible in the app.


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same question about DACs. I

same question about DACs. I plan to buy an Audiolab M-DAC. Not sure if it works. I mean connect with DAC using USB

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