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Monitor Audio MASS vs Cambridge Audio MINX


I'm looking to buy a new AV receiver and a set of speaker package. I don't really want to spend too much, budget is around £1000. 

For the receiver, I'm thinking about buying the Marantz NR1504 and for the speakes, I'm not sure whether to get the Monitor Audio MASS or Cambridge Audio MINX (3 MIN21, 2 MIN11 and X200 setup). 

From what I can see, both MASS and MINX have good reviews, but Monitor Audio MASS seems to be the standout from what I've read.

Usage: 50% Movies, 50 Music. 

Room size: Quite small, around 250 sq feet.


I wonder if anyone has any opinions on the speakers? Appreciate any comments/opinions for and against each one.



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RE: Monitor Audio MASS vs Cambridge Audio MINX

hi i have the minx 21 and love them.but i think the mass mite be better.the mass are £800 and the minx are £700 so not much left over from £1000.i have a yamaha 373 running my minx but i think i need to send £500 on an amp to make these speakers shine.so minx21 and the new sony str dn1040 amp £1200 so save £200

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RE: Monitor Audio MASS vs Cambridge Audio MINX

I can only speak for the Mass which I heard at the Bristol show and was mightily impressed, don't know what amp it was but the room wasn't that big and it certainly worked very well with films. Don't know what it might be like with music.

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RE: Monitor Audio MASS vs Cambridge Audio MINX



I have heard both at length & went for the Minx - I found the MASS good but a little harsh & bright & felt the sub was a little boomy. I have Min21's for LCR & Min20's for all surrounds & to me, it sounds better than than the MASS. I wanted more of a dscreet set up & found the MASS to be more bulkier than the images portayed but that might not be an issue for you!

The BMR driver makes the Minx very special & sounds quite different with a very cohesive & wide soundstage & no real sweet-spot that most systems suffer from - it seems it moves with you so one does not feel limted to sitting dead centre if that makes sense - it is quite uncanny!


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