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RE: Vintage amps "Creek or NAD "

Al ears wrote:

....However have to disagree with his suggestion that both are bulletproof as my NAD certainly was not........ It's the capacitors you see!!!

That's unusual, the 3020's caps normally last quite well as they don't get too hot inside. The newer NAD's are terrible for drying out the caps though, usually through piss poor design. 

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RE: Vintage amps "Creek or NAD "

Or Pioneer A400?

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RE: Vintage amps "Creek or NAD "

50 and 70GBP for NAD 3020 or Creek 4040 doesn't sound excesive to me, but as I said, I've never heard any Creek kit and the 3020 sounded below par already 15 years ago. It might have been little wonder in the 1970s, it probably changed the whole playing field, but competition did catch up decades ago. And there is the age factor one needs to consider.

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RE: Vintage amps "Creek or NAD "

When it was introduced the Nad 3020 might have been the best amp you could buy for £80. But there would have been loads of amps at that time for £200 to £2000 that would have sounded better. Some of these can be bought for around about £50 today.


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